Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Prayer Request

this is pastor mike. i've talked to vicky and we want to let you know about a prayer need in our church. shelley is about 22-23 years old and has already had 3 surgeries for cancer. she's a recent Trevecca Naz Univ grad and attends here at midland valley naz. following is an update from billy, her husband, who spent some of his growing up years here at mvfcn.

Just a quick update on how Shelley is doing at this point in her chemotherapy treatments. She is now wrapping up her second three-week cycle, and things have gone relatively smooth compared to what we expected. After a rough first two weeks her doctor was able to find the appropriate combination of drugs to help keep the nausea and vomitting down. The additional drugs include a dose of steroids. Unfortunately, this has made her ineligible for a Major League Baseball contract, but she's now got the best arms in the house. Since then the only real side effect she's still struggled with has been major fatigue and some back and shoulder pain. Fortunately, God has provided when the drugs couldn't. Tonight Shelley was able to accompany me to the Greater Augusta Sports Council Gala, an annual sports banquet that honors local high school athletes. As a diehard Miami Dolphins fan, Shelley was elated to see that Dan Marino was the guest speaker for the event. Even though her chemotherapy treatment on Mondays typically produce the worst of the side effects on Tuesday evening, Shelley got through this Tuesday evening (and the sports banquet) feeling completely well. She felt so well, in fact, that as Dan Marino was making his way from the lobby to the stage she rushed him similar to an NFL linebacker in pursuit of a quarterback sack. With me somewhere lost in the crowd, she busted through the offensive line of fans and media and successfully convinced him to pose with her for a quick photo. It's one that Shelley will cherish for the rest of her life. It's just one more tangible sign that God is in control and can bring comfort and relief when we need it most. Thanks again for your prayers and support. The battle is by no means over, but we know that God is in control.

we have given shelley a prayer pager. would you join us in praying for her? when you do, let her know. the pager number is (803) 510-HEAL (4325). at the prompt, enter 733, which means 'praying (7) for (3) you (3)'. Blessings!

pastor mike