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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Home Sweet Home

We headed to the airport in Indiana yesterday morning with mixed emotions. Vicky was more than ready to be back home in familiar surroundings. Although I was also ready to come home, I was not looking forward to becoming a "cancer patient" again. I really enjoyed the diversion of attending the Nazarene General Assembly, especially since I had an entire week free from the side effects of chemo therapy.

Our flight back to Atlanta was very smooth and hassle free. Your prayers worked! We arrived home around 8:30 last night and immediately discovered several "blessings". Our yard had been freshly mowed and it looked awesome. My mother had thoroughly cleaned our house before she returned to Tennessee last weekend, and everything was spotless. (Thanks, Mimi!) Janice and Melanie, from our church, had prepared a meal and dessert for us which was waiting in the fridge to reheat upon our arrival at the house. YUM!!! In my very large "stack" of mail, at least 50 cards & letters of love and encouragement were waiting for us, and we enjoyed reading every one of them before going to sleep. What a blessing! I sure slept soundly!

Today is Chemo Day. I am writing this journal entry as I sit in my chemo recliner, and will send it when I return home this evening. I got some good news today. My white blood cell count had returned to normal, and my body is strong enough for another full treatment with both drugs. In addition, when I weighed in I had gained FIVE POUNDS since last week! That's very important because the combination of the cancer and the chemo treatments usually result in weight loss, so my oncologist had encouraged me to eat often and pile on the calories. WOW! That's the first time in my life that I have ever been "ordered" to GAIN WEIGHT!! Do you think the milkshakes & fries that I ate each evening at Steak & Shake following the evening church services in Indy had anything to do with my extra poundage?????
My youngest daughter, Candi, is moving back home tonight. She has been living in Columbia S.C., but wants to be home to help and encourage us during this difficult time. What a blessing she is with her wonderful sense of humor, and her optimistic attitude that daily reminds us NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD! She has become one of my best prayer warriors!

Thanks for your prayers today. My Prayer Pager has been beeping all afternoon as my worldwide network of prayer partners are bombarding Heaven on my behalf during this treatment. Please know that Vicky and I have also prayed for YOU today! I love you! I am blessed!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Homeward Bound

Today is our final day in Indianapolis. We have enjoyed a wonderful week of fellowship, reunions, and inspirational worship. I am grateful to my church leaders for allowing me the privilege of attending the General Assembly. As I participated in the many activities this week, I was reminded how blessed I am to be a God-Called Pastor! I am thrilled that God looked all over the world and chose ME to serve him in full-time ministry 20 years ago this week! I absolutely LOVE being a preacher, evangelist, and pastor/shepherd. What a great privilege to serve God and others, telling people about the love of Jesus Christ. I've never wanted to do anything else, and I am asking God for many more years of good health so that I can preach the Gospel to thousands more people who are hurting, and hopeless, and need to know the great love of God!

Pray for us on Wednesday as we travel back to South Carolina. Be reminded that I am scheduled for another Chemo treatment on Thursday. I covet your prayers! I know that God is working in my physical body, and that healing is on the way! I love you!

Monday, June 27, 2005

My Mentor, My Pastor, My Friend

It was a thrill for me today to see Dr. Neil Wiseman at the RCA Dome. I just happened to pass by the row where he was seated, and he invited me to sit for awhile. We enjoyed chatting and observing the business of the General Assembly together. Besides my father, who was the only pastor I knew growing up, Dr. Wiseman has been the most influential person in my formation as a pastor. In my 20s, I had wandered away from God, and needed salvation. On Mother's Day in 1984, Vicky and I attended the Pompano Beach (FL) Church of the Nazarene and we were gloriously saved under the minstry of Dr. Wiseman. Shortly after, on Father's Day, we surrendered our lives entirely to the will of God and were entirely sanctified. Again, Dr. Wiseman was the preacher. God began to speak to me concerning His call to full-time ministry, and in July of 1985 I accepted God's call to preach the Gospel! Dr. Wiseman had recently taken a position on the administrative staff at Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs. As you can guess, I didn't have a choice about where to attend college!!!

All throughout my ministerial career, Dr. Wiseman has served as a mentor and a friend. The news of my illness has hit him hard. I know that he is bombarding the throne of Heaven on my behalf daily. Today as we were saying goodbye, he said to me: "You know I am just a phone call away, and I will be here for you when everyone else has forgotten about you". Dr. Neil Wiseman is a true friend. I am a better person, a better pastor, and a better Christian because I have known him, and I have been blessed by God because of our relationship. How thoughtful of God to allow me some one-on-one time with my "pastor" today! God is so good! He knows just what we need, just when we need it! To God be the Glory! Thanks for praying. Thanks for caring. I love you!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Sunday Communion Service

Over 40,000 Nazarenes gathered this morning in the RCA Dome for praise & worship, and to celebrate Holy Communion together. What a sight! We lifted our voices and our hearts to God in praise and thanksgiving for His many blessings. The Sunday service is always the highlight of our quadrennial gathering, and is my favorite service.

At 11:15 this morning, I was able to bring greetings to my congregation at Midland Valley "LIVE" by telephone. Thanks to Tim Wilson and Janice Lee, a telephone with a speakerphone was placed on the platform at MVFCN allowing me to address the church family from the RCA Dome. I gave a brief update on our activities, answered a few questions, shared a scripture passage, and shared a prayer by phone. Isn't modern technology amazing?

I was thrilled to meet two very good friends, David Downs & Beth Nichols, as we entered the dome this morning, and was assured of their prayers for my healing. I especially enjoyed partaking of the elements of Communion this morning. I was reminded as I drank from the cup, that Jesus shed His blood for my healing! Praise be to our Almighty God!

The regular business meetings of the General Assembly begin tomorrow. Please pray for God's guidance on our leaders as they seek His will for our denomination. Thanks for your faithful, continuing prayers for my healing! I love you!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Saturday From Indy

Today has been a good day. Pain and problem free!! Last night we enjoyed the great worship service in the RCA Dome, and had a very restful sleep. This morning I took my last injection! Please be praying that the medication was successful in restoring my white blood cell count. I am expecting to feel much better the next few days as I enjoy the freedom from side effects of the injections.

We went to the convention center this morning to watch some of our Midland Valley children compete in the World Quiz Meet. There were 800 quizzers!! Each of our children did very well. It was fun to sit and have fellowship with their parents and most of our pastoral staff.

Once again we met several friends and colleagues, and many former church members as we walked the hallways. General Superintendent Talmadge Johnson stopped me and commented on how good I looked. He was concerned that maybe I had ridden my Harley to Indiana!! I assured him that we traveled by plane!

We are looking forward to another great worship service tonight in the Dome with G.S. Paul Cunningham preaching. Thanks for the prayers! They are working! God is helping, and I am blessed! I love you!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday From Indy

The Heat Wave from Dixie has evidently found its way north! It is in the 90s here in Indiana, and even hotter with all the concrete in the downtown area. I am thanking God for another very good day. I am sleeping well each night, and pacing myself during the day so as not to overdo it. We spent a few hours at the convention center exhibition area this morning. It's a great place to meet and reunite with friends and colleagues. We enjoyed a reunion with former associate pastors Avis Murray and Charles Bowe. As we were talking, so many people approached us to give hugs and words of encouragement. Paula Winchester's mom has recently battled cancer and was a source of great inspiration to us this afternoon. Tonight we will enjoy another huge worship service at the RCA Dome with General Superintendent Jim Diehl preaching. The service is targeted to the teens who are in attendance and should provide some pretty lively music! Thanks for your prayers. They are working. God is helping! I am rejoicing in Him! I love you!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Day 1 at General Assembly

Thanks for your prayers for our safe travel yesterday. We had no problems with security & our needles in Atlanta. In fact, having the needles & syringes in our carry-on bags worked to our advantage. The NW Airlines clerk took us directly to the security area and explained our situation, then put us at the head of the line!!The flights were easy and we arrived at our hotel around 4:30 p.m. The injections I am taking, combined with the air travel caused me lots of back and leg pain yesterday afternoon. After supper last night, I returned to the hotel and went to bed at 8:00 p.m. and awoke this morning feeling great!

We made our first trip to the RCA Dome today. We got registered, then toured the exhibition hall. We met lots of dear friends, and so many of our prayer partners. Two of our Nazarene General Superintendents (Middendorf & Diehl) greeted us and assured me of their continuing prayers for my healing.

We had lunch at one of our favorite Italian restaurants nearby, then came back to the hotel to rest. I am trying not to overdo it while here, and will try to pace myself so that I can truly enjoy the week. Tonight we will attend the NMI Missions Service. Dr. Nina Gunter will be preaching, and it will be a great worship experience.

So far I have only seen Pastor David & Paula. The rest of the staff are here somewhere, but are hard to find among 40,000 other Nazarenes! Thanks for the prayers. God is helping and we are having a wonderful time! I love you!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

"Hope" Wristbands

A really neat thing happened last Sunday morning. Just before I left my office to enter the sanctuary, one of my youngest prayer partners came to the door. Hannah Reese is quite a prayer warrior. Last year when her daddy, William, was stationed in Iraq, she prayed daily for his safe return. God answered her prayers! I am sure glad that she is talking to God about ME these days! She brought me a gift. It was one of those "Lance Armstrong"-style bracelets. It is a colorful blue & white bracelet with the word "HOPE" stamped on it. She chose HOPE because my promise scripture for my journey to a miracle says, "I will pitch my tent in the Land of Hope". What a precious gift! I shared this story with the congregation from the platform a short while later, and promised Hannah that I would wear the bracelet until God healed me, then I would give it back to her and we would rejoice together for another miracle from God. I believe that God is especially attentive to the prayers of children!!

A neat thing happened later that night. So many people in the congregation wanted an identical bracelet that Hannah's family got bombarded with requests of where to get them. So Hannah's mom, Laurie, got on EBAY that night and found some. As she was bidding, another person began bidding against her. She quickly emailed him and told him that her pastor had cancer and she was buying the bracelets for the church family to wear as a reminder to pray for his healing. The man stopped bidding, and promised to begin praying for her pastor immediately!! Just another example of how God is working in this situation. HE will receive all GLORY & PRAISE in my sickness, and my Journey To A Miracle! Praise His Awesome Name! I love you!

Today's Chemo A "No-Go"

I arrived at the oncologist today at 8:15 and was the first patient seen this morning. After having my preliminary blood tests, I was informed that I would not be able to receive today's treatment because my white blood cell count was too low. Evidently, the powerful treatment I received last week took a toll on my blood marrow. I was initially disappointed. I took a minute to pray and regroup, and the Lord reminded me that HE WAS IN CHARGE! I then reminded Him that MY LIFE WAS IN HIS HANDS! So there is a good reason, spiritually, why I couldnt take another treatment today. Romans 8:28 reminds me that ALL THINGS work together for my good! So instead of being discouraged, I am rejoicing this afternoon that God knows what He is doing!

The nurse told me that I would need to take some medication to help rebuild my white cell count. The bad news....it is a daily INJECTION. The worse news...I have to inject it myself! YIKES!! So I took a quick lesson, and ready or not....jabbed myself in the belly! Vicky sure wishes that she had a camera! Now the biggest obstacle we face is trying to get through airport security in Atlanta with a pocket full of hypodermic syringes & needles filled with medicine. If you read about a pastor being detained by airport security, you will know why!

Two bits of good news in this situation:
1. I get to attend our Nazarene General Assembly in Indiana this week WITHOUT any chemo side effects or fatigue! Praise the Lord!
2. I began to wonder why my white cell count would be affected after only my first treatment. Then I felt the Lord whisper to me: When cancer killing drugs are given to a "healthy, cancer free" person, the chemo attacks the good cells in lieu of the cancer cells! Hmmmmmm. That will make a guy stop and think, huh? I am believing that God has already healed me, so we will see what next week brings! Remember, God is in control....not the oncologist.

After spending another hour with my parents, and allowing my mom to make me a big meatloaf sandwich for lunch, we kissed them goodbye and hit the road to Atlanta. We will enjoy a relaxing dinner tonight, then after a restful sleep, we will head to the airport early on Wednesday for our flight to Indy. Please pray for safe travel, AND that I make it through security with my "needles".

A big THANKS to Pastor Mike McAdory, our Minister of Worship at Midland Valley. He arranged for the purchase of a new laptop that is loaded with wireless internet so that I can keep current with my emails from airports, hotels, and the RCA Dome while on the trip this week. It is awesome to sit in a chair with no cords attached, and communicate with my prayer network! I'll touch base with you tomorrow from Indy. That's all from Atlanta. Keep praying! I love you!

Monday, June 20, 2005

My Mom's Home Cooking!

My Father's Day blessings continue to increase. This afternoon, my mom & dad arrived from Nashville. They have been ready to come running to S.C. since last week's diagnosis. My mom made my favorite home-cooked supper of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and macaroni & tomatoes!!! I'm still smacking my lips. It was such a special treat to enjoy a family meal with my parents and both my daughters present. We laughed, cried, praised, and prayed together. We also ate alot!! That's what we do best!

After supper, we circled together in the kitchen and had a great time of prayer. Then we sent Candi & Melody to Atlanta for the night. Melody has an early flight back to Oregon tomorrow morning, so I got a hotel room for them and they will enjoy some "sister time" tonight.

Please remember my chemo treatment tomorrow morning as you pray for me. Following chemo, Vicky and I will travel to Atlanta for the evening. We will stay near the airport, then catch an early flight to Indianapolis on Wednesday morning so that we can attend the Nazarene General Assembly. Thanks for your love & prayers! I love you!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

My Father's Day Surprise!

This is the most memorable Father's Day I have ever enjoyed! Last night I was given a great gift! My daughter, Melody, arrived for a surprise visit from Oregon. My family and church family kept it a secret from me! One of our church members contacted Melody and asked if she would like to fly home for Fathers Day, and then made all the arrangements. She got here about 8:30 last night and we have enjoyed the past 24 hours laughing, crying, and making memories. The real "hero" in this event is my son-in-law, Ben Kesselring, who stayed in Oregon with my two granddaughters. Thanks, Ben, for doing double duty this weekend! I love you.

But there is more to the story. The couple who brought Mel home intended to use frequent flyer miles to fly her home for free. Because of short notice, and the Holiday weekend, the dates were blacked out and the miles couldnt be redeemed. Now they faced a dilema. The cost for the ticket would be $900, and they planned a vacation at the beach this week. The cost for their hotel room??? $900!! So they prayed about it, and decided to sacrifice their vacation and use the money to bring Melody home! Shortly after making the decision, the phone rang. A friend called to offer the use of their oceanfront condo for FREE!!! Isnt God good???

We had wonderful church services today! God anointed our worship, and my preaching, and the altars were filled both morning and evening with seekers re-committing their lives to Christ!

Thanks for your prayers! Thanks to those who are combining prayer with FASTING on my behalf! I love you!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Local Newspaper

This morning as I was reading the Augusta Chronicle, I literally came face to face with myself! Virginia Norton, the religion editor, had written an article about my cancer diagnosis in today's paper that included a "file" photo of me. The headline reads, "Friends, church members pray for pastor's recovery". I will try to get my webmaster, Tasha Alison, to provide a link to the article early next week.

Today was another very good day. I am feeling no after effects from the chemo, and have kept a full schedule today. I helped Vicky with our yard sale this morning. Actually, she did all the work, and I collected the money!! We had our first customers at 6:30 and finished up before 11. This afternoon I officiated at a wedding, but skipped out on the reception so that I could come home and get some rest in preparation for Sunday. It was a beautiful ceremony, and I really enjoyed marrying the precious young couple.

I covet your prayers for our Lord's Day services tomorrow at Midland Valley. It is Father's Day, and I will be preaching in all three services. God will anoint; Jesus will be glorified; I will be blessed to serve! I love you! Be encouraged! We serve an awesome God!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Finally: A "Normal" Day!

Since last Wednesday, I have forgotten what a "normal" day feels like... until today. Yesterday was the hardest day since my first chemo treatment. The oncologist told me to expect some "flu-like symptoms" following chemo. My first treatment was on Tuesday, and I felt pretty good that evening. On Wednesday I felt OK, but got fatigued in the early afternoon, and had some minor shortness of breath. On Thursday, I finally understood what "flu-like symptoms" meant. I felt weak, achy, and tired all day. But last night I got a good night's rest and felt very good this morning when I awoke. Friday is my normal "day off", so I was able to enjoy the day with Vicky today. I felt strong enough to take a 2-mile walk this morning before it got too hot. I will try to walk each day to regain my strength in preparation for my next treatment on Tuesday morning. Since my appetite was good today, I took Vicky to lunch at a pizza buffet!! Boy did it taste good to me! I rested this afternoon, then went to the church for a wedding rehearsal earlier tonight. Things went well, and I did not get tired. In fact, we stayed for the rehearsal dinner and once again, with my good appetite, I ate a nice dinner. One of my personal, specific prayer requests is that I will keep my appetite and be able to enjoy eating to keep my strength up. God is so good to me! Today, my mailbox was full of encouraging notes and cards. So many people praying for me and offering words (and acts) of encouragement. I am blessed! Thanks for following My Journey To A Miracle! I love you!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Yet Another Blessing

On Monday night when we arrived home from the SC Nazarene District Campmeeting Healing Service, a special delivery was waiting for us. One of our church members pulled up in front of our house just as we were unloading from the car. Keith & Ashley Fulmer were bringing me a "goodie bag" full of things to help me with my first chemo treatment the next day. One of the common side effects of chemo is a dry mouth and the formation of mouth sores. They brought me some medical mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrush, lip balms, and hard candies! Let me tell you, it has sure come in handy this week as my mouth has definately stayed parched. Isn't God good to know just what you need BEFORE you need it.....then He impresses others to act on your behalf! I am so very blessed! I love you!

Answered Prayer For Melody

God can never be counted out! I sent a mass email this morning asking prayer for my oldest daughter Melody to be able to join us for my birthday soon. Several attempts to use free sky miles were unsuccessful. Today one of my church attenders, and a good friend, got some results! Melody will fly from Oregon to SC on Saturday July 2nd and stay with us until July 11th! For FREE! PRAISE THE LORD!

A Blessing

Jeff Turner just stopped by my office with a special gift. Jeff is a church member and a good friend & supporter. He has been healed many times under my ministry, and is a powerful prayer warrior for my healing, along with his wife Cindy. His hobby is woodworking. He brought me a Prayer Table today that he made by hand yesterday. He took a dead tree trunk for use as the table stand, and a piece of diseased wood for the table top. He inscribed the words ACTS 2:25-28 on the front of the stand. This is my promise from the Message Bible which says " I will pitch my tent in the Land of Hope".

He attached this note: "If a man can make something beautiful out of a diseased part of a tree....Just imagine what OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN can do with the diseased part of our body!"

I have placed the table in my office and will use it as a reminder of those who are praying for me, and as a reminder to pray for you in return! This is the Day that the Lord has made....I am REJOICING and I am GLAD! I love you!


Late Wednesday night

Hi Friends. We just arrived home from the SC District Campmeeting in Batesburg. I wanted to write a few words before heading to bed. Today was a good day. After having my first Chemo treatment yesterday afternoon, I was anxious to see how I would fare today physically. I was able to eat a good breakfast, then headed to the church office with the good intentions of working an entire day. I was able to get some sermon preparations done, and a wedding ceremony written for this weekend, but about 1:00 p.m. I began to fade. I packed up and headed for home. When I pulled into the driveway I was amazed to see how nice and manicured my lawn looked! I went inside and asked Vicky who had cut the grass. She didn't know anything about it. What a blessing. Some "angel" on assignment from God blessed us by doing our yardwork! I had planned to get up early tomorrow morning and cut the grass before going to work. Vicky was worried because the temp. was 97 today with a heat index of over 100. Thank you God for sending someone to bless us today! Although I wanted to read & reply to some emails this afternoon, Vicky insisted that I take a nap. After resting for a couple of hours, I felt much stronger. The only real after effects of my chemo has been fatigue, dry mouth, and some minor shortness of breath. I've maintained a good appetite, and have suffered no signs of nausea! PRAISE BE TO GOD!

At 6:00 p.m. we mounted the Harley and met the church bikers for our ride to the campmeeting. We were so thrilled when we pulled into the meeting place to see the entire group of about 20 bikers dressed in what my mom calls "war clothes"!! They had on red shirts (the blood of Christ) and white pants (the purity of the Holy Spirit) and were ready to do WAR against the Devil on behalf of my healing! What a sight!! I'll post a picture on the website soon. We made the 45 minute ride to the campgrounds in good order. The service was very anointed tonight. Of course it helps the worship leaders and preacher when 3 rows of fired up bikers are sitting in the front center section!! After some fellowship at the camp canteen, we rode back to North Augusta and went to our separate homes. What a nice evening.
Today my friend and church member, Bobby Boggs, issued me a new PRAYER PAGER that now has a tollfree number for my out of town prayer partners to use. Outside the North Augusta area, you can dial 888-869-7914 and press "733" when you pray for me and my pager will alert me to your prayers!! It also has nationwide coverage so that I can receive pages next week while attending General Assembly in Indiana. What a blessing your prayers and pages have been to me this week! Of course, the local number is still the same:510-HEAL!
That's all for today. Thanks for caring. Thanks for loving. Thanks for Praying and believing in miracles! I love you! Pastor Scott

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Wednesday update

Hi Friends. Thanks to Tasha Alison and Pastor Mike, I am being "dragged" into the new century and now have this site to post my daily journals. I neglected to mention to many of you that my 2nd chemo drug, Avastin, was approved by the drug company and is being administered FREE OF CHARGE! Isnt God good? Without that blessing, it would have cost $10,000 monthly for the treatment! The treatments yesterday lasted 5.5 hours, but I left feeling fairly well. I ate a hamburger for supper, then spent 3 hours online reading and answering 150+ emails of encouragement. Because of the steriods given earlier, I was not able to fall asleep very easily last night, but I placed my IPOD earphones on my head and let the sounds of praise fill my mind and heart. Soon I was asleep and rested wonderfully. I felt strong enough to work today. I am slowly getting fatigued, so I plan to head home and rest before riding to the campmeeting tonight with the church bikers. Thanks for your prayers and interest! I will keep posting my daily reports on this site. You can still contact me by email at pastorscott3@aol.com I love you!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Just a quick note this morning. I have my first chemo treatment today at noon. It will be a four hour IV Infusion treatment. I would appreciate your prayers this afternoon.

Last night at our district campmeeting I was anointed by Dr. Nina Gunter and prayed for by our district Nazarene family. What a great time of faith and power. I also learned that at the Louisiana District campmeeting last week that Stuart McWhirter was anointed on my behalf by Chuck Millhuff and I was lifted up in prayer by that district Nazarene family! Isnt God good?

The great news yesterday was my doctor giving me permission to attend General Assembly next week if I was feeling up to it! I guaranteed him that I was going!!!

I'm sorry that I havent responded to emails in 24 hours. I have been away from a computer and currently have 94 unopened emails waiting to be read and answered. Depending on how I feel tonight, I plan to read them!!

I love you! Keep the prayers coming!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Hi Friends,
Thanks for your CONSTANT & CONTINUAL emails of encouragement. Your provision of scriptures and inspirational hope lift us each morning and evening as we read your notes as part of our morning and evening devotions. The mornings and bedtime are the hardest for us, so God uses you to lift our spirits!

Also the Prayer Pager is an awesome tool of encouragement. (803-510-HEAL) Just dial the number, then add the numbers 733 which stand for Praying For You, and my pager will beep letting me know another prayer has been sent on my behalf! What an untold blessing. This morning during my devotions it did something has never happened previously. It began beeping and WOULD NOT SHUT OFF! For five solid minutes it resounded the healing prayers of God's people. I found out later that the local Christian radio station, WAFJ 88.3 shared my story, had prayer for me, then published the pager number. All at once, WOW!! The prayers of our community bombarded Heaven at one time! How awesome is that?

Yesterday was our first day with the church family since being diagnosed with cancer. They were so gracious and loving. The Lord anointed me in a special way and I was able to preach the Good News. Last night, the Healing Service was a "service for the ages"!! What an unbelievable gathering for God's miraculous outpouring of healing! We had 425 people attend!

I claimed a promise of Scripture from Acts 2:25-28 from the Message Bible. "I will pitch my tent in the Land of Hope and I will not even smell the stench of death!" One of our ladies, Connie Johnson, has a home business called Soul Steps. She makes cushioned sole inserts for shoes with scripture written on them. She made me a pair with the above verse written on one sole, and 23rd Psalm on the other. Now I am literally STANDING ON GOD'S WORD for my healing! What a blessing!

Also, last night the Youth Group took up a collection and presented me with an Apple IPod MP3 player for me to use during Chemo treatments to listen to God's praises!! It was one of my "wish list" items for this week! God is Good!

Today I will meet at 4:00 p.m. with my oncologist to make the final arrangements to begin my chemotherapy. I should have my first 4 hour treatment on Tuesday. Then tonight at our opening service of the SC District Campmeeting, it has been declared as a Healing Service for Pastor Scott Ostendorf. Please join us in prayer tonight at 7:30. God willing, I still plan to attend the General Assembly in Indy if my doctor will allow it, and if I can schedule my treatments immediately before and immediately after! We will ask God to make it happen. I want the prayers of 50,000 Nazarenes!!!

Also last night some church members are making it possible for my daughter Melody to fly home from Oregon to be with me for my birthday on July 4th. God is Good!

Gotta stop for now. I love you! Keep praying! I am encouraged!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Hi All, Got some disappointing news just now. My biopsy came back positive for adeno-carcenoma of the pancreas. I will begin a severe regimen of chemotherapy next week. I appreciate the overwhelming support of bombarding heaven on our behalf! Please dont stop now. I believe that God has already healed me and that He will show Himself strong in the days ahead. Let's not give up! Let's keep the faith. The Devil will be sorry that he ever picked on Scott Ostendorf!!!We are having a Healing Service at Midland Valley on Sunday night. I am expecting a mighty moving of the Holy Spirit and the healing power of God as a result! Wherever you live in this world, please stop for a minute at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday and pray along with us! Let's wear God out!Also, keep on sending your emails, cards, and notes of encouragement that you receive from God. They have uplifted us so very much during this time. Dont give up, because God is really using you to bless us. By the way, we stopped for few minutes this morning in the middle of our kitchen to PRAY FOR YOU! You are special to us and have become partners in the battle. We will win!I am taking Vicky to Atlanta this morning to celebrate our 27th Anniversary. Not quite what we had in mind last week.....but God will help us enjoy a wonderful time of celebration. I hope to see most of you on Sunday. I love you deeply! Pastor Scott, Vicky & Candi