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Thursday, August 10, 2006

DVR's & Memory Banks

First, let me remind faithful readers to continue to pray for Vicky and all the family. We love them and pray God's best for them in their journey. Bambi (Pastor Scott's sis) is recovering from surgery and will soon begin treatments for bone cancer.

Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church (BIIG church), spoke to us on Tuesday morning of the Hillsong conference. His text was familiar and brief. Read Luke 6:45. He talked about "the miracle of 'the day'". As I've continued to reflect on our time in 'Aussie', I've looked over my conference journal for note-taking many times. I'm not trying to 'relive the glory' or somehow conjure up 'the feeling,' though some of those feelings do well up when I read certain things. Rather, I want to squeeze all of the 'goody' out of my notes that I wasn't able to fully appreciate, comprehend or put into action during that week. I don't want the trip to be just a good memory. However, the glory of the Lord must come from my relationship with Him TODAY!

One concept that Hybels talked about: Develop practical patterns throughout the day to store up good in your life. The concept is not new but let this serve as a great reminder for you as it was, and is, for me. The development of these patterns will most likely result in a lifestyle change.

I don't know how we lived without the glorious, time-saving, revolutionary DVR, or TiVo as many have come to know and love. One change for us is that we've started recording different programs to watch (commercial free!!!). It's not that what we recorded before, including all those wonderful HGTV home shows that has resulted in an unfinished remodeling of my kitchen, were unwholesome TV. There's just something significantly more edifying about the lessons learned watching great preachers with proven ministries. What's even more special to me is watching my wife sit with her conference journal filling up more pages with notes from these preachers, many of whom we heard in AUS. The lessons make us better!

This is just one small change--more to come--that has positively impacted us. However unfortunate it may be, we still need to record more home shows 'cause the kitchen's only half done!



Friday, August 04, 2006

Updates and Prayer Requests

Family and Friends,

There are two prayer requests we want to share with you. Many that were praying for Pastor Scott may remember that he mentioned Xander Martz on this blog site. Xander was born in June of 2004. He just celebrated his 2 year birthday but it was a difficult two years. Xander had many health problems but lately had been doing better. Last Saturday, July 29, Xander Martz went to be with Jesus. This was a shock to the family. We held the funeral service here at the church Tuesday, August 1. There was a great show of support from family, church family, and friends. John & Viviana, Xander's mommy and daddy, have been the picture of God's grace in dealing with this most difficult situation. However, I encourage you to continue to pray for them in the coming days and weeks.

Also, I have asked Vicky if I could share some Ostendorf family news with you. One of Pastor Scott's sisters, Bambi, has just been diagnosed with bone cancer. This has been a blow to the family, as you can imagine. Bambi had a partial hip replacment yesterday as a result of the bone cancer. Recovery will be difficult, but our Lord's provision, strength and grace are more than capable. Please do be praying for Bambi and all of the family!

Thanks for praying! I'll try to update you about these needs as information becomes available

Pastor Mike