Saturday, January 20, 2007

One Year Anniversary

It is hard to believe that Scott's home going celebration was one year from this month.

Our home church had a segment of our morning worship service to reflect and remember Scott. The radio clip from WAFJ was played with pictures of Scott flashing on the video screen.
And I shared a few words. (That's funny in it's self - I am never without something to say. My friends at school, said I could talk to dirt.) This is what I shared. . .

With the date of Scott's home going came closer, many memories have filtered thru my heart and mind, and I know that I am not alone with my memories - I know that you share these memories with me. Every time I walk into this church I am overwhelmed with flashbacks. Let's take a minute to flashback together.

Do you remember the service were Scott started to sing "Gloom, Despair, and Agony on Me?"
He not only sang it himself, he also had Kyle Graham join him, but he wasn't satisfied until the whole congregation was singing along. Thru his many "curly tales and stories he always revealed to us how much God loved us and how God wanted us to live our lives each day - not with gloom and despair but with joy and hope.

I always loved when a new baby was brought to church for the first time. Scott loved each and every one of your precious children - he would kiss them and pray over them, thanking God that He had blessed our church family with another beautiful child to raise in the ways of our Lord.

How about Terry and Alison in the "Hot Tub" ( Scott called the sound booth - "the Hot Tub".

Or just a shout of praise to our Savior - I can still hear his shout of Hallelujah with a hand raised in praise.

And, oh how he loved to worship - he would sing so hard he would hardly have a voice to preach but that didn't stop him. You never knew what he was going to say or do.

A dream come true - our first Biker Sunday. And Scott riding his Harley out of the sanctuary to close the service.

The Christmas musical were the pastor's quartet sang - Pastor John, I still wished that you had sang with them.

How about the sermon about the Mustard Seed - Janice had to count a little, and I mean little bag of mustard seeds - it had 7,077 seeds!

Break a Vase - I think that changed us all.

Another song he used was from "American Idol" - Pastor Mike and Pastor Gary wouldn't let him sing it in the second morning service.

Coming home from a board meeting with a smile on his face - go figure - he always said he was blessed with such Godly leaders who could do God's business but also provide comic relief.

Listening to all his stories about our family - from my mother - to getting Candi to eat her vegetables and me getting in the car to come to church in my slip. You all probably know way too much about our family.

It is still hard for me to look at his office door. When I look at it I am expecting him to walk out of the door. He would have a big smile on his face and he would tease Pastor Mike about starting the service without him.

How about the service were Scott was preaching and a bee kept landing on his head - I was trying to tell him about the bee and I think everyone in the service was trying to tell him (he was horribly allergic to bees). He finally stopped preaching and asked what was going on - I had to go swat it out of his hair - and he was worried about his hair - you know how he was about his hair!

As a church family we have shed many tears of joy and grief together as we each faced our triumphs and our hardships.

These are just a few memories that come to mind, but not all our memories are happy ones.

Christmas Sunday morning - (Scott's last time to stand before his congregation) - even though this was a hard day for us all - He showed us strength and his love for his family - his church family and his love for his Savior. It will be something that I will never forget and not because he was my husband.

He taught us so many things, but the greatest thing he ever did for us, was live his life to the end as an example to us. An example, on how we need to live our lives in spite of our circumstances.

God never said that life as a Christian was going to be easy - but it is all in how we deal with our circumstances. And Scott's faith and love for his Lord never wavered during his darkest times. If anything it grew stronger. Scott said that only three things were important - you can probably say them with me - Faith, Family and Friends. And thru his last year he cherished his God - his family and his friends. We made a promise with each other that we would face each day with no regrets. This has been a BIG one for me - no regrets - I need to be busy facing getting thru today - not dealing with regrets from yesterday. I look at each day with no regrets over the words I speak or the actions I make or the condition of my spirit.

One day at a time - just one day at a time. Don't rush thru today, tomorrow comes along fast enough. God is already in my tomorrows.

Today I am glad that I have a chance to publicly thank you my church family. These past two years you have closed ranks and carried my family thru. You have been Godly caregivers to us. When there has been a need, God uses one of you to fill that need- whether the need was big or small, "angels" stood in Scott's place to help me. I bless your hands and your generous hearts for your care. Scott would be so very proud of you all. You humble me with your generosity and love. I thank you most for your prayers, your hugs and your love. That is what has given me strength to keep going each day.

Now as I enter this church - times and circumstances have changed. I have grown older and grayer (you can't see the gray - I have a great hairstylist) but most of all I have grown closer to God. He is the one who gives us grace, He gives us love, He gives us His comfort, and He gives us His Peace.

He also gives us a promise. A promise for a future. I have been given a few things that have reminded me of this promise. And one was a beautiful candle holder, with the words from Jeremiah on it. . . "For I know the plans I have for you - to give you a future." For I know the plan - think about that - He knows our future. Those words are for me, for my daughters, for you and for this church. God will give me a future - you a future, and this church a future. It is all His plan. A wonderful future that He will cultivate and nurture. We just have to be ready - watching and waiting for His future plan to unfold.

Those words were not spoken to only my church family, those words, and thoughts were meant to include you, our family. You all have helped us as we journeyed thru these past years - thank you for your love and prayers.

I love you all